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3 Behaviors That Keep Us in Unhappy Relationships

By Raquel Carrasquillo

“Don’t settle for anybody, just so you can have somebody.” ~Unknown
Here I was again, sitting in front of my computer looking at things I could involve myself in to occupy my time now that I am newly single.
Should I pay $125 for a private tennis lesson and still be terrible afterward? Could I buy a soul cycle package and not eat lunch or dinner for the next month? How many paint nights could I do over the course of the summer? Do I even have enough friends to join me?
As I sit here and think about what happened, I ask myself, was my life a happy one before and after this person left? The answer is yes. Yes, it was!
I have a career I’m happy about, live on my own (finally), am getting into shape again, and have marvelous friends, family, and my cat. The only difference is that I do not have him.
I had imagined many things with this man. I told myself we got along perfectly—that he and I understood one another; that we just “meshed.” So I felt like he must be “the one” until he made it clear he was not.
Although I was sad because he was no longer in my life, I realized I was mourning the assumptions I had made, the uneasy feelings I overlooked, and the dream I created in hopes that the search was over, that the uncertainty about my future had vanished.
So what is it that I really did here? What is it that I, and so many people, do to convince ourselves that we are with “the one” when we, in fact, are not?
Here’s a list of the three behaviors we are repeating and how to change them. (Hooray!)

1. We underestimate or overlook our intuition.

We don’t listen to that nagging voice or feeling that says, “Nope, this feels weird,” “You just lied about the kind of food you like, to please him/her,” and “S/he doesn’t get how passionate you really are.”

2. We become anxious about the future.

If your family is like mine, they want to know if you will be married…ever, and they “worry” when you’re single. This is ingrained in us. Societal pressures and norms tell us that we have a problem if we don’t at least have a prospect in our late twenties to early thirties.
We have internalized this message, and hope and dream every time we get into a relationship. This can keep us in relationships because we have convinced ourselves we could not start over again and that this must be the partner for us.

3. We settle.

Yes, I said it. I don’t mean settling in the sense that we will date any individual because they give us attention. What I mean is we are willing to compromise on some fundamental values, qualities, and important character traits. This can happen because of #2, or because we simply do not yet know what we want in a relationship.

How to Change These Behaviors

We all have that intuitive feeling; some of us call it a “vibe,” others call it an energy. It exists so that it can be used! Listen to it. If you feel something is off, it more than likely is. Don’t ignore it. Sit with the feeling, and then dig.
Ask yourself: Why do I feel this way? What feels wrong here? Be your own explorer. This could help save you time and energy in a relationship where you do not feel comfortable or understood.
As humans, we all want to avoid pain and suffering. It’s normal. So in relationships, we can do two things: run away when we are afraid emotions are invested, or we can stay in a relationship and tell ourselves we are happy.
The brain is a powerful tool, and if you tell yourself something enough times, you will begin to believe it. If you have made up your mind that your lot in life is to suffer in relationships, then you do not believe in all the beautiful things the universe has in store for you.
This is what causes us to get caught up. We think “this is probably as good as it’s gonna get”
No, it isn’t! Create a vision board, or write out the qualities you seek. Being firm on what you want in a relationship, and believing it is possible to attract someone with those qualities, will make it less likely that you will settle for less.
Part of the problem many of us have faced is that we are unclear on what we want, and so we attract some qualities but not all. Believe it or not, dating and break-ups allow us to regain clarity, to say, “Yeah, I like this but not that.” The clearer you are, the clearer the universe can be.
Settling is a painful word. We all want to believe we have and never will do this. It’s not to say who we dated isn’t worthwhile, but it’s saying you decided that person’s needs were more important than your own.
You were willing to shut something off inside yourself for this person, and that, my dear, is unacceptable.
Everything you are, you think, and feel is important. You deserve to have all of that valued by your partner. If you find you are suddenly overlooking parts of yourself, or omitting them, then you are not being true to your authentic self.
Now imagine doing this long term. Not happening.
The best thing to do here is to begin the process of learning who you are as an individual. What do you like? Where do you enjoy going out? What kinds of people do you like spending time with? What were some things in this relationship you consider to be deal breakers? What are some things you loved?
Take this into your next relationship. But remember to give yourself time to grieve this loss, and turn the focus inward.
There’s a line that always pops into my head after a break-up. Its “square peg, round hole,” and I usually say, “I did it again, didn’t I?”
I was reaching, trying so hard to make him fit. But I have realized this is a part of the process. This is okay; I am human! I am allowed to have hopes and dreams; I just need to learn from these experiences.
So that is what I will continue to do—enjoy my life, love who I am, and one day when I am ready, I will meet my round peg!

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Sharing happiness makes it grow

By Jamie Morton

Kiwi research has given scientific credence to the old adage that happiness is contagious - just maybe not on Facebook.
Findings from an ongoing Victoria University research programme have suggested that telling others about a good thing that has happened to you - and especially to a group you feel a part of - makes it even sweeter.
Associate Professor Paul Jose, who specialises in the study of happiness, has also found that savouring the good moments in life, even just a nice-tasting latte on the way to the office, means people enjoy those experiences more and become happier.
His work, which has canvassed the views of more than 1000 survey respondents, has shown how being "socially connected" was a predictor of greater long-term happiness, giving people an increased sense of meaning in their life.
"Feeling part of an important group - whether that's your family, friends, workplace, educational institution or the wider community - tends to settle people," Dr Jose said.
"It makes them more confident, and gives their life joy and purpose."
Sharing something positive with a group, such as an exciting promotion or a date that went well, also heightened the happiness they gained from the event in the first place.
But there was a line between sharing good news and bragging.
"It has to be done gently - it can't be seen as boasting. But if you invite people to share in your happiness about an event, in the right way, it can be a bonding experience for everyone in that group."
It wasn't yet clear whether this translated to Facebook or Twitter.
"We don't know for sure, but interactions on social media seem to have less impact than those in person," he said.
"It makes perfect sense, really - if you post something you're proud of on Facebook, people can comment but you can't see their face or hear their tone of voice. These are fundamental things - we're physiologically built to respond to people's expressions."
Sharing experiences and social connectedness were linked - both served to increase gratefulness.
The study of happiness has delivered some intriguing findings over recent years - Harvard University researchers have previously demonstrated your own happiness could spread through a network of people, much like a virus, to eventually rub off on someone you've never met.
More fascinating was the finding, made this year by Dutch scientists, that odours produced by our bodies can communicate our happiness to others, a phenomenon known as chemosignalling.

Keys to contentment

Victoria University's Dr Paul Jose shares five proven tips to lighten up your life:
1. Practise gratefulness. Think of three things each day that you're grateful for.
2. Share your positive experiences with family and friends, in person. This means you get even more happiness from that event.
3. Appreciate the little things, such as a passing compliment or a really good cup of coffee.
4. Have reasonable expectations. You may enjoy a movie much more if your hopes aren't set so high.
5. Simplify your life. Think about how you can limit exposure to things, such as your smartphone, that are driving a fast-paced and demanding lifestyle.

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The Importance of Intuition & How to Develop & Strengthen It

Are you intuitive? Yes you are, whether you believe you are or not. Everyone is intuitive. Everyone has intuition. The trick is to learn HOW to listen to your intuitive voice. There are easy steps you can take to strengthen your own intuition. Your intuition is the most important tool you possess. I will share a recent experience from my own life that proves that beyond any doubt.
Just what is “intuition?” Your intuition is that calm inner voice or sometimes just a “feeling” in your “gut”. We all have intuition. The voice speaks whenever we need guidance. Most of us hear it, but to varying degrees. There are steps you can take in order to make your intuitive voice stronger so you can actually hear it and then follow the guidance and act accordingly.
Your intuition comes from the Divine. Physically, it is located between the Third Eye and Crown chakras, some say it is housed in the pineal gland. All I know is when a strong intuitive feeling or thought comes through to me I can always feel my Third Eye chakra spinning clockwise. Sometimes it can even make me feel a bit dizzy, but it’s always a sure sign I need to act on whatever intuitive feeling is coming through to me.
As our gift from the Divine, our intuition will NEVER mislead us. It will never tell you to do something that goes against your morals, ethics, or results in harming yourself or another. If such thoughts do seem to enter your consciousness from the outside, banish them because chances are they come from your own fears or perhaps even low vibration entities.
When following your intuition you can never go wrong. I have found this true in my life more times than I can count. In fact, the times I have allowed myself to think that my Ego Mind knows better and have ignored my intuition disaster or severe disappointment has been the result. It is always wise to listen to your intuition and to act on the information that comes through to you. That information is coming to you for your own highest good and the highest good of all concerned in the situation.
Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition
There are a number of very simple exercises you can do in order to tune into your own intuition. It amounts to playing a guessing game with yourself about certain things. Choose something for which the answer would come to you shortly regardless of intuition.
For example, you may want to get some paper and write down the names of the next 2 – 3 people you “feel” will call or text you next. Keep the list with you and throughout your day check it when a call or text comes through to test your accuracy. If you keep up this simple game daily you will find yourself becoming increasingly accurate.
Another example, if you watch any sports guess what the final score will be or which team will win. Keep daily track if you follow a particular team and in a month see how your accuracy has improved. That will be a sign your intuition is growing stronger.
Your intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and more accurate it will become. If you’re not interested in using it, then your intuition will atrophy and won’t work for you much at all. If you’ve gone through years of not knowing you had intuition or just not interested in learning about it, but now you are, rest assured that by using these simple guessing exercises you can help to tone and strengthen your intuitive muscle until it becomes a true and accurate guide for you.
Water is a very good conductor of energy. I suggest that you come up with your intuitive guesses while you’re bathing. I have received major intuitive feelings and thoughts while in the bathtub. Intuitive feelings also strike when I’m washing the dishes. In my experience water helps the flow of intuition.
Nature strengthens your intuition as well. If you already spend a lot of time out in nature, that’s great. If not, work towards spending more time outside. Imagine yourself as a tree with your feet grounding you to the earth and your head reaching up into the heavens from where intuitive hunches originate. Imagine yourself as a pillar of light conducting this intuitive energy down and into your Crown chakra (top of your head) and feel it move down into your Third Eye chakra (approximately just above and between your eyebrows). Feel your intuition being activated and strengthened. Do this every time you go outside for about a minute and you will be surprised at how much stronger your intuition becomes in just a month of doing this very simple exercise.
Simple works. Just because these exercises are simple don’t assume they won’t work. They will. I used these same exercises to strengthen my own intuition and whenever I feel it needs to be rejuvenated I practice the same exercises again.
 An Example of Intuition Helping My Family
Always listen and never question when it comes to your intuition.
That’s a difficult lesson to master because our egos make us believe we know best. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve second-guessed my own intuition only to always be proven wrong in every case.
A few months ago I began to think a lot about my favorite uncle who lives in Colorado. There was a 30-year gap in communication due to a bad misunderstanding my mother had that caused her to cut off her baby brother and that entire section of our family. When Mom got sick my dad broke the silence and called him. My uncle dropped everything and immediately came to see my mom. It was as if nothing had ever happened and they had a lovely reunion. The best part is that I had my favorite uncle back in my life and over several visits to Colorado I am slowly getting to know my cousins and aunt better.
As I began to think of my uncle several times a day I got a queasy feeling that something was wrong. He is in his 70s so he’s no spring chicken. My husband had been unemployed for several months last year and we could not afford to take a vacation, but I begged him to take us to Colorado and told him I had to see my uncle again. He agreed and we just returned from a 10-day vacation with family.
The minute I saw my uncle I knew something was very wrong. He no longer walked straight and tall. He was now hunched over, but not all the time. I thought maybe he had osteoporosis, but then I noticed two other things that were not evident last summer when I had last seen him.
He was now walking without moving his arms. It’s normal for a person to slightly swing their arms as they walk. His arms were no longer moving as he walked. The most telling change in him was that now he had a pronounced tremor in his right hand/lower arm.
My heart broke when I saw that tremor because my own father had died from Parkinson’s Disease. I quickly added up my uncle’s other visible symptoms and determined he very well could have Parkinson’s Disease or some other neurological issue.their arms as they walk. His arms were no longer moving as he walked. The most telling change in him was that now he had a pronounced tremor in his right hand/lower arm.
Before we left I spoke with one of my cousins and carefully explained what I had seen and what it could mean based on what happened to my own father. He agreed to speak to his mother, my aunt, about it and they will hopefully get my uncle to a neurologist sooner rather than later.
My cousin told me he had noticed the tremor and just assumed it was old age setting in. That’s the danger with Parkinson’s Disease. Once the tremors begin most will write them off as old age, nerves misfiring or anxiety. When someone develops a tremor in an extremity (hands, feet, even the head can be affected) PLEASE err on the side of caution and get them to a neurologist as soon as possible.
My dad had a history of carpel tunnel syndrome and had had 2 surgeries on each of his wrists and elbows. When his tremor began in his right arm he blamed the side effect of the surgery since a known side-effect is the gradual loss of muscle control. Sometimes his hands would go limp as he held something so he’d drop it. The sad thing was my Mom got him to see a neurologist, and Dad must have been told what was wrong because when he came home he told us that doctor was an idiot who was wrong. Dad went into total denial. He had the tremor for 3 years and then after my mom died Dad went downhill so fast and developed dementia. By then I had gotten him to see a neurologist again (and the same doctor, unbeknownst to me at the time) who diagnosed him correctly with Parkinson’s Disease.
Had my dad only faced the truth of his situation he could have received proper treatment a lot earlier and perhaps he would have been able to avoid all the unpleasant developments that occurred as a result of the disease. We’ll never know for sure one way or another, but I know one thing for sure. I was the one to add up how my uncle was walking, his posture, and the tremor and realized he was now just like my father had been at the start of Parkinson’s Disease.
I have told my cousin and my cousin has spoken to his mother. Now I hope they get my uncle immediate medical attention so he can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.
This is why it is ALWAYS important to listen to and ACT on your intuition. These feelings come to us for a reason. I thought I was just being paranoid. I certainly do not want to lose my uncle so soon after we have reconnected, and at times I told myself that’s all my uneasy feelings were, but when they became so pronounced that I had trouble sleeping I knew I had to see him again so I could access his well-being in person. What I saw has upset me tremendously, but I will always be grateful that despite our financial problems at this time my husband took us to Colorado for the visit.
Remember, your intuition is your best friend. Never question it and never doubt it. Your intuition will never steer you in the wrong direction.

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Two Traits That Predict Happiness

By: Eric Fluckey

There is no grander goal in life than the pursuit of happiness.
We all want to be happy, but we all have slightly different ideas of what it is. Even psychologists use various definitions of the term. It could simply be that happiness is as unique as the people that try to define it.
For many of us, though, it's more than just a short burst of joy or a quick laugh at the latest cat video on the internet.
We mean real happiness. The kind of happiness where we look back at our life and feel contentment, meaning, and accomplishment. Something commonly referred to as "well-being" by many psychologists.
Finding happiness is not as easy as it sounds. People have even wondered if we can predict who's going to be happy and who isn't. That might sound crazy, but a recent analysis by psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman finds that there are two traits that could predict happiness.

Predicting Well-being

Well-being is a particular area of research that is studied by positive psychologists. It includes not only positive moods - which can be temporary - but a general satisfaction with one's life.
If you haven't heard of positive psychology, it's the branch of psychology that explores the positive areas of human development. Things like happiness, flow, and optimism. They also have a classification handbook - co-authored by Martin Seligman - that spells out a total of 24 character traits that a person can exhibit under 6 broad virtues.
It was these characteristic traits that Dr. Kaufman was curious about. Using data from a larger project - which included 517 individuals ranging from the ages of 18 to 71 - he wanted to see if he could find any associations to happiness.
Of the 24 traits that he analyzed, he discovered two that were significant predictors of well-being. For a deeper look at the details of his analysis, you can check out his article over at Scientific American.

The Obvious Candidate

The first trait won't be a surprise to many of you. The single best predictor of well-being was gratitude.
Gratitude has been found in many studies to increase happiness and well-being. It can also give a boost to romantic relationships, mental health, and heart health. If you're unaware of how the practice of gratefulness can benefit you, I highly encourage you to check it out.
This simply chalks up another victory for gratitude and shows how important it can be towards contributing to your own happiness.

The Dark Horse

The other trait is a bit more surprising. Dr. Kaufman found that "love of learning" was the second characteristic that could independently predict well-being.
While I've always been a promoter of lifelong learning, it's interesting to see it was the only other trait that predicts well-being (although there were a few close contenders.)
Love of learning, as defined by the classification book, means mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge, whether on one's own or formally.
This mean that happiness is predicted by more than just having years of formal education. Yes, formal education is associated with better habits, health, and overall longevity. But we're also talking about lifelong learners. Individuals who explore new hobbies, master new skills, and engage in mentally stimulating activities. People who learn for the fun and challenge of it.
Mastery is one of the great intrinsic motivators - as pointed out by Daniel Pink in his book Drive. This shows that the pursuit of knowledge is deeply motivating and also has profound implications for our happiness and well-being.

A Hidden Lesson

There was another result from Dr. Kaufman's analysis, but he touches on it only briefly.
He found evidence that working on your character strengths is predictive of well-being - one of the main tenets of positive psychology. That means practicing or training these character strengths can result in higher well-being also.
Other research backs up this claim. In a study looking at practicing optimism and gratitude, people with depression were part of 6 week program that practiced good deeds and activities like writing gratitude letters. The people who stuck with the program saw improvements in mental and physical health.
Psychologists from Zurich have also tested the effect of practicing these traits. Over 10 weeks 178 adults were separated into three groups. One group was used as a control and didn't do any character exercises, while the other 2 groups trained different character strengths. The researchers found that anyone that did any training, whatsoever, had a boost to their well-being.

A World in Pursuit

It's not just Americans that want to be happy. Happiness is something that is sought after by people of all cultures in every corner of the globe.
In a study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, researcher Ed Diener cites a survey he conducted among 10,000 people in 48 countries. Happiness was rated as the most important out of 12 possible outcomes.
Happiness is important to us as individuals and society as a whole. While finding out which traits can predict levels of happiness is a fun exercise, maybe there's a bigger lesson to be learned.
If you want to be happy, you should practice positive traits.