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Man claims online psychic made him buy $1 million Powerball winning ticket

A Hollywood man claims an online psychic pestered him by sending periodic messages that promised riches were coming soon. He tried to ignore the psychic. And then.
By: Chris Matyszczyk
During a miserable period of my life -- you know, your average Tuesday -- I went to see a psychic.
She got everything wrong. She became more and more frustrated, until she finally exclaimed: "Come on! Can't you just tell me?!"
She kept the money, of course. Which is why I have a certain skepticism for those who claim psychic abilities.
Kevin Millard, however, seems to have no qualms. Well, fewer. As a California Lottery press release revealed, he consulted an online psychic for a while. He availed himself of the psychic's free trial offer.
When the freedom ran out, he cast the psychic aside.
This particular psychic, however, was clearly forward-thinking. She kept pestering Millard, of West Hollywood, California, with messages.
Had this been me, I'd have looked at one of these messages and clicked "block." There are enough charlatans online, desperate to take your money while promising you riches, that inboxes have become overwhelmed with them.
This one, said Millard, sent messages such as "Your money's coming. This year is a change for you." But Millard had cut back on his lottery ticket purchases. Until last weekend's jackpot became too alluring. It was $208 million.
He insisted, though, that it was the online psychic's messages that nudged him not only to buy tickets, but to go to an entirely different, random store to buy them.
His usual ticket-purchasing store must be loving him right now. Millard matched five numbers and won $1,009,368.
It's not clear whether the online psychic will get a cut, or whether Millard will now sign up for her paid services.
You will meet several women of your dreams in the next week! (This is Hollywood, after all.)
It's enticing, though, to think that there might some people lurking online who can change your fortunes. More often, they're likely to be those who sign you up, charge your credit card regularly and perhaps try to steal your identity.
Of course, it could be that the online psychic had absolutely nothing to do with Millard's win.
Who wants to believe that, though?
Caveat believer, all the same.

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Top Business Executives Rely on Psychics from Time to Time!

These execs say psychics are helping them make a fortune
By: Polina Marinova 
Ask Gillian Oxley how she became one of Toronto’s top realtors with roughly $100 million in sales a year, and she will talk about Colette Baron-Reid.
“She’s my secret weapon,” says Oxley.
A client since 2013, Oxley phones Colette Baron-Reid once a month for her advice on a wide range of business opportunities and client pitches. Baron-Reid, who calls herself “an intuitive counselor,” charges $800 for an hour session to $10,000 for a full day of her time. “Colette provides me with insight not only into my myself but also about the people I’m up against, and that’s definitely a strategic edge,” Oxley says.
Considered one of the leading practitioners in her unusual field, Baron-Reid says her clients include top executives in real estate, energy and entertainment industries. Imagine Entertainment co-founder Brian Grazer included Baron-Reid in his book, A Curious Mind, which profiles leaders in various fields.
It’s well known that successful professionals have a coterie of advisers – investment advisers, leadership coaches, personal trainers – but for a small, but growing number, that network also includes so-called intuitive counselors and spiritual advisers – more commonly known as psychics. The late Apple chief Steve Jobs reportedly appointed a Zen master to serve as a corporate spiritual adviser.
“I think people would be astounded at the amount of entrepreneurs that consult people like me,” says astrologer Robert Ohotto, whose clients include high-level executives at Google  GOOG -2.33% . “Any entrepreneur that has been hugely successful either has a very well developed intuition of their own, or consults people who do.”
In fact, despite a few cases in which psychics were sued or prosecuted for alleged fraud, overall the psychic services industry is thriving; it has grown 2.2% from 2009 to 2014 and is projected to grow another 3% in the next four years, according to research firm IBIS World. The $1.9 billion-revenue industry consists of astrology, mediumship, palmistry and numerology, among other services.
Although the financial crisis led more Wall Street execs to seek out psychics, few like to talk about it publicly. “There is still a strong negative public stigma surrounding ‘psychics’ and ‘astrologers’ – admittedly somewhat warranted as there are many frauds or those who represent the intuitive arts in ways that are ‘woo-woo’ and off-putting,” Ohotto says. “For an executive to admit they consult a psychic opens them up to being judged as ‘woo-woo’ themselves.”
Most psychics won’t name their clients – any more than psychotherapists will name theirs. Laura Day, who calls herself a “financial psychic,” says corporate leaders shell out as much as $10,000 a month for their services. She wouldn’t provide any names, saying she signs a non-disclosure agreement which prevents her from doing so. (Although one of her former clients, Seagate Technology’s then director of software, came out in a 2008 Newsweek article saying, “Anybody who can afford her will get 100 times their money’s worth.”)
The Daily Telegraph, back in November of 2008, dubbed her “The Psychic of Wall Street,” because she claims to have warned her Wall Street clients to get out of the market a full year before the 2008 financial crisis.
“What I do actually works best if I know nothing, so I don’t look at the market,” Day told The Telegraph. “I’m a complete information desert. I just get a sense of the right thing to do. I’ll say, ‘I understand that you’re buying everything in China, but gosh I would hold off,’ and then they figure out why … I let the words come out of my mouth even though I may have no idea what I am talking about; my client will know what to do.”
Depending on the client’s business, Day may be asked how a drug may fare in a clinical trial, whether a movie should be restructured, or what is wrong with a piece of technology under development. “When I am working with a company, I’m working with the top leaders in the industry,” says Day, claiming she has worked with at least four Fortune 500 companies. “As my son says, ‘They’ll know if what you say is batshit crazy.’”
Ohotto says his clients come to him when they’re feeling stuck in their business and need guidance on how to best cover their blind spots. He often advises tech entrepreneurs on the ideal timing of a product launch and Hollywood producers on how to best shape a TV show before it premieres. Ohotto says he uses his skills to shift an entrepreneur’s mentality from “reckless risk” to “intuitive risk” – meaning he talks to them about optimal strategy, timing and opportunity.
“If you don’t take that intuitive risk, you’re not going to be the next Apple, the next Microsoft, the next Whole Foods,” he says. “You’ll be behind the curve. Intuition is the key.”
Still, these psychics admit they’ve been wrong at times. Baron-Reid remembers how devastated her client was when she made a wrong prediction about a factory sale. She says she was sure a certain buyer would acquire it, but the sale didn’t go through. “Listen, shit happens. You’re going to be wrong once in a while – you’re human,” Baron-Reid says.
Oxley, however, says Baron-Reid’s advice has been spot on. She first met Baron-Reid in 1997 for a reading at a music producer’s home office. Oxley was taking screenwriting classes at UCLA and consulting at communications firm Ogilvy Public Relations at the time, but Baron-Reid told her she should start her own business.
“I learned I shouldn’t argue with a clairvoyant,” Oxley says. “Colette said, ‘You’re going to start a PR firm.’ I told her, ‘I absolutely will not.'” Eleven months later, though, she says it became “inevitable” and launched her own PR firm after deciding she had a big enough network of her own clients to start a business. Then, in 2010, she switched to real estate, also at Baron-Reid’s urging.
Today, she credits much of her success to her monthly coaching sessions with Baron-Reid. “I’m a pretty driven person, so I think no matter what I did in my life, I would be successful,” Oxley says. “But Colette tells you where you’re going. That’s what gives her the edge, and this is a huge asset to any business leader. She has most definitely helped my business thrive.”

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Harness Your Intuition With These Helpful Tips!

How to Become More Psychic

By: Karen Bell
One of the most common questions I receive from people is “Can I become psychic???” My answer to that question is, you already are!
I like to compare psychic abilities to muscles. In the same way that we are all born with muscles, we are also all born with some degree of psychic ability.
Some people have naturally stronger muscles, while other people have to work out and lift weights in order to develop their physical strength.  Psychic ability is no different. Some people are born naturally psychic, while others have a harder time connecting to their intuition. But no matter how intuitive you are now, there is always room to grow. There are always going to be steps you can take to develop your intuitive abilities even further. Today I’d like to share with you five things I do on a daily basis to maintain and improve my psychic ability.
1. Meditate
If you ask any spiritual teacher how to develop your intuition, almost all of them will agree that MEDITATION is always the first step to becoming more psychic (I agree.)
When you meditate, you slow down or stop thought, which creates a clearer channel for your intuition to communicate with you. Your intuition usually speaks in subtle ways, especially in the beginning. If you don’t take time to quiet your mind, you will not be able to hear the voice of your intuition (it’s like trying to hear a whisper at a rock concert!)
2. Pay Attention To Your Feelings
There are many different ways that people receive psychic information. Some people receive see visions (clairvoyance), while others hear sounds or voices (clairaudience). When people instantly “know” something that they could not otherwise know, it is called claircognizance. But in my experience the psychic ability that almost everyone can relate to is clairsentience, which means, “clear feeling”.
Have you ever had a hunch or gut feeling about something? Have you ever felt either uneasy or excited about a decision? Have you ever got either a good or bad feeling about another person? If so, you have experienced your intuition communicating to you through your feelings.
Since clairsentience is the most common psychic ability, it is also the easiest to develop. All you have to do to develop stronger clairsentience is pay close attention to your feelings.
You can practice this everyday by asking yourself, “How does this decision feel? How does this person feel? How does this food feel?” By tuning in to how things feel, you become more clairsentient and therefore more psychic.
3. Practice!
In order to become more psychic, you have to set aside time each day to developing yourself spiritually. This involves creating a special spiritual practice unique to you. Your spiritual practice should always include meditation, and may also incorporate prayer, yoga, journaling, reading a spiritual book, or anything else that helps you connect with your idea of a higher power.
You can also practice giving yourself intuitive readings every day. Record any insights you receive in your psychic journal (see the next step for more info on journaling).
If you want to eventually give readings to others (either professionally or just for fun) it’s important to practice that as well! Start out by giving readings to close friends, and be sure to pick people that you trust and feel comfortable with. If you are nervous, use tarot or angel cards to help get the ball rolling. Write down your insights in your psychic journal (see step 4), because things that don’t make sense now might make sense later.
4. Keep a Psychic Journal or Dream Journal
Keeping a journal is one of the easiest ways to become more psychic. A psychic journal is a place to record all the intuitive insights you receive about yourself or others. If you dream a lot, you can also keep a dream journal, as your intuition communicates with you frequently during the dream state.
Every day as part of your spiritual practice, write down everything you felt, saw, or heard during or after meditation (or during your dreams). After a few weeks, go back and read some of your entries to see if you notice any patterns. You can also write down any psychic impressions you have about future events.
Keeping a psychic journal has been a powerful way for me to develop confidence in myself. There has been many times where I forgot that I wrote something down, only to look back on it a few weeks later and notice that either a vision came true, or a simple sentence was an important piece of spiritual guidance.
5. Join a Psychic Development Class or Circle
When I was first developing my intuitive abilities, I was very resistant to taking a class because I thought I should be able to learn everything myself. After all, shouldn’t my inner voice be able to tell me everything I needed to know??? And so I bought tons of books on psychic development and put an anonymous ad in my local classifieds, offering free readings so that I could practice.
But I only got so far with this. Eventually I could not ignore the fact that my intuition was still nudging me to join a psychic development class. My intuition told me that a class would boost my confidence and introduce me to like-minded people who would support my development.
And so I reluctantly signed up for an online class, trusting that my intuition would be correct… and it was!
The class gave me an opportunity to learn techniques and meditations that dramatically improved my psychic ability in a short period of time. I was also able to give practice readings while my teacher listened in and coached me. At the end of the 12-week class, I was more confident than ever and I had a bunch of new friends that thought of psychic ability as normal and not “weird” (which is priceless, if you ask me). I also made back the money I spent on my tuition within one month of offering readings to others.
This is where my shameless self-promotion comes in, but only because I’d love to teach you how to become more psychic! You can join my psychic development class (I’ll teach you all my secrets for giving accurate intuitive readings for your yourself and others).
If you’re not able to my class, I’d encourage you to see if you have a Spiritualist church nearby, as they often offer psychic development circles on a regular basis (Spiritualists believe that our souls survive death and have the ability to communicate with the living. Their religion is focused on mediumship).
Developing your intuition is one of the most powerful ways to improve your life and become healthier and happier, because it encourages you to listen to the guidance of your soul. When you become more intuitive, your inner voice becomes more important than any external influence.

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Get Outside Yourself: Helping Others Is The Perfect Remedy For Anxiety

By: Zara Barrie

Do you struggle with overwhelming heaps of anxiety that can feel all-consuming? Are you often overcome with rapid heart palpitations for no logical reason?
Do you ever find yourself lost in a teeming sea of dark thoughts that are almost paralyzing and debilitating?
Do you sometimes lie awake deep into the night, eyes wide open, frozen with fear of what the great future beholds? Do you torture yourself with panic-driven thoughts about love, your career, the point of it all?
Well, if you can answer “yes” to one or more of the aforementioned questions, welcome to the family, kittens. You’re an anxious little entity just like me.
Don’t worry, we’re not entirely f*cked. I promise.
While struggling with anxiety can be extremely harrowing and can make life feel like a never-ending uphill climb — I’ve discovered a few hidden treasures peppered into our hyped-up existence.
See, energy, all energy, is powerful. And when you have a lot of it, which us anxious creatures do, it can be massively overwhelming.
If you have no outlet, that energy doesn’t have anywhere to go. There is no release for it.
So it manifests itself in miserable, destructive ways. Like panic attacks, and sleeplessness and unwanted, negative thoughts that tug at your spirit incessantly.
Part of the reason you’re so anxious is because you’re highly tuned into the world that surrounds you. You don’t have that protective shield and feel the pain of the universe. You’re an empath. You have the ability to absorb hurt that isn’t yours.
Which can be an unexpected gift. About five years ago, I discovered the best way to keep the anxious thoughts at bay — by shifting the focus and getting outside of myself.
To take the heaps of electric, dizzying, anxious energy and channel it into helping others.
I started to work with kids. I began to really, truly, madly, deeply listen to my friends and dedicate every fiber of my being into helping them succeed and work through a heartbreak. I counseled teenagers. I based the core of my life around being of service to others.
I found I was really f*cking good at it, too. My lifelong battle with anxiety and depression had provided me with a great understanding and lack of judgment toward others. People felt inherently comfortable around me, and I was able to make them feel better.
Anxious people are great at reading people; our intuitive nature makes others feel safe. See, it’s not so bad to be anxious — you just have to know what to do with it.
Herein lies the real beauty: As I healed others, I began to heal myself.
I learned that helping others was the perfect remedy for my anxiety.

It gives you perspective.

Sometimes, we feel so absorbed with our own negative thoughts and feel so painfully anxious because our worlds are too damn small. We see the same faces day after day and trudge along to the same ceaseless job.
When we’re living in such tiny, minuscule bubbles, it’s easy to lose our perspective. The littlest problems become wildly magnified inside our microscopic orbits.
When you step outside the comforts of your small world and start helping other people, it brings you back to reality. You realize you’re not the only one who feels such pain, and you’re reminded of how strong humanity is.
You will see people overcome such incredible adversity, and it inspires you to do the same in your life.

It cultivates gratitude.

Helping others who are battling through troubling times in their lives cultivates a cycle of gratitude.
When we take the time to listen to people’s problems, to really, truly listen to them and hear what they have to say and offer them our support — at some point or another, they will thank us.
And it’s not a superficial “thank you” — it’s a f*cking real thank you.
When you’re so used to living inside your own narcissistic headspace — it feels amazing to know you can get out of your head and impact someone else in a positive way.
Gratitude has a ripple effect. When someone bestows a helping of authentic, agenda-free “thank yous” onto us, we can’t help but feel it back.
We start to notice things we’ve never noticed before — like all the incredible friends we really have and all the ways in which we’ve been endlessly blessed.
Feeling grateful is the most soothing, humbling sensation. It’s akin to a natural Xanax.

It provides you with skin-deep confidence.

Part of the reason we feel so shackled to the anxious life is because we’re forever relying on superficial sources for validation.
Our entire spectrum of self-esteem is dictated by outside sources: approval for the way we look, being deemed beautiful by the masses, being called “smart,” attaining success at work. All are nice, but they’re fleeting feelings because they don’t promote confidence that comes from within. They’re temporary feel-goods.
When you start helping others, you learn the true beauty in doing something for zero validation. You do it because it makes you feel good, not for money or compliments.
You see the impact of your words and actions. It affirms your worth and greater purpose in the world, in a deep and powerful way.
It’s also something no one can ever take away from you. People can stop calling you beautiful or be nasty to you because they’re having a bad day — but the good work you do to help another person is everlasting.

It gets you outside of your own head

I’m a girl who very easily gets stuck in her own head. If left to my own devices, I can live entirely in the confines of my own mind.
My natural tendency in times of desperation is to pull back. I neglect my friends, take to my bed and pull the sheets over my head whilst hiding from the cruel, cold world.
It’s a slippery slope. When you stay inside your own head for so damn long, you can grow very, very alienated and feel extreme pangs of relentless loneliness.
When you start to help others, regardless of if it’s at a pet shelter, working with kids, working with the elderly — it gets you out of your f*cking head and shifts the focus elsewhere.

You become part of the positive energy in the world.

The world can feel like it’s engulfed in negativity. There is darkness all around us. For the sensitive soul, sometimes it can feel like all too much to bear.
I believe people who are susceptible to depression and anxiety are actually very special human beings. For we are the great feelers of the world, and the world needs us.
Because we’re so sensitive and so keyed into the energies of the universe, it’s easy for us to get pulled into the dark side. The dark side is powerful and can eat you alive.
When you start helping others, you get pulled back into the positive spectrum of energy. Yes, you might see some things that are devastating, you might hear stories that will make you want to cry your eyes out, but come on, sensitive sister.
You already knew all of that stuff was going on — and now, now YOU get to be the person who helps turn it around.
You become an active part of the positive energy in the universe. Instead of stewing in the darkness, you are a part of the positive change that makes the world a more beautiful place.
I believe the universe is responsive to whatever we throw out. If we’re throwing ourselves into being of service to those who need our help, we’re going to get that good f*cking energy thrown right back at us.

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The Power of Manifestation - Psychic Consultants Online

Are You Taking Action to Materialize Creative Visions?

   By: Melissa Mae 

I royally sucked at romance, (translation: dated emotionally unavailable men) until one day I gave up that BS and drafted a letter to The Universe requesting my soul mate to show up. Quit dating and was literally prepared to be single for the rest of my life if he didn't materialize.
Two months later, a friend from college found me on social media and asked if we could get together for a drink.
Sparks ignited.
Within days we met up and have been inseparable ever since.
So funny though... we'd been close friends for a year and a half during junior college, yet we had never given it a go romantically.
Looking back, I hadn't been ready for the intensity of our love just yet. (Neither had he. The timing was off.)
When I was willing to ask for what I needed from the Universe -- he showed up.
Just like that. Boom.
No more crappy, unfulfilling relationships. No more grasping. I got what I needed when I believed it was possible, set my intent, was 100 percent committed and allowed the gift to emerge.
Manifestation is such a loaded subject. Most people are convinced it's garbage, and those touting the benefits are snake oil salesmen. I'll agree that there are... shall we say, less than stellar examples out there of manifestation "experts" that clearly aren't walking the talk.
But there's universal truth at the core of it.
Because of movies like The Secret, the masses got all pumped up for a while, thinking they could just go manifest whatever they wanted at the moment. That the Universe was like a convenient store and you could just pop in and bring your purchases to the register.
High magic doesn't work like that.
The process is an alchemical one, meaning that if you feel compelled to take on such advanced methods of creation, you have to devote yourself to study and practice.
Merriam Webster Online cites the full definition of ALCHEMY as:
1: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life
2: a power or process of transforming something common into something special
3: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting
(For our purposes, we'll not be concerning ourselves with part one of the definition, although that's the historical roots of it.)
When we attempt to perform high magic, manifestation, alchemy -- whatever you want to call it -- we must alchemize our internal state in order to prepare to receive or create that which we desire.
The process requires physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purification. I haven't witnessed many people prepared for the work of it.
They just want the end result.
That said, it is a process that can be learned. You must become familiar with altered states and neutralizing emotions and thoughts. You must get total clarity and will yourself to stay there mentally for the duration of the creative process.
There are common requisites for creating something out of nothing, and they can be learned, like anything else. (Know any creatives? They create something from nothing every day.)
And, like anything else, there is misinformation out there to keep the masses busy flailing themselves and then angrily asserting that it was all a sham and doesn't work after all, as they dramatically fling their words at the inert computer screen.
To access our innate power it is necessary to clear away the clutter of the subconscious mind.
This is where it gets good.
Through ritual and mental exercises making use of altered states (it's WAY easier than it sounds) you can unload your mental/emotional, even physical garbage, and be on your merry way to creating your ideal lifestyle externally.
The key is setting the tone internally first.
Just like my experience with landing my perfect mate, I had to just let go of all the letdowns littering my past, the ideas and beliefs surrounding my worthiness, and everything else that was keeping him from showing up.
And just so you know, I was not exactly on top of my alchemy game at that point. (You don't have to be a freakin' Buddhist monk living in the Himalayas to get results.)
Are you ready to exercise your manifestation muscles? To let go, receive your ideal life, and just get on with it? Once you are completely committed, that's when the magic happens.
Consider this quote by William Hutchison Murray:
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.

A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Begin it now.