Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Media Bias and "Fake News" - What happened when a TV show told half the truth.

For more months than I want to think about, our new President Donald J. Trump has criticized the media for “fake news.” Over these months I have tried to tune out of listening to the media, and I often wondered what part exactly of the media news was “fake”? Was it not reporting on the truth of the story, or were they leaving out pertinent information to show a one-sided view? I understand that in the media, you have your angle and spin things to capture a viewer’s attention (which negative media definitely does). In theory, what this does for the news station is that it gets people talking and when people talk, they mention where they saw the news and thus more people tune in. I get it in theory and got it when a recent news feature was done on me.
Last week, a national news program aired a story on me that was filmed last November 2016. Since the filming, the producer continued to pressure me on giving up my contacts (police department contacts) of cases that I have worked on in the past. I explained that my contacts are confidential and that if I wanted to continue working on cold cases, I have to keep my contacts private or I will be blackballed. Otherwise those who I work with probably will not use me again or allow me to use them as a reference on future case work. I explained that I always work under a confidentiality agreement and my agreements must stand.
The pressure kept coming for months, from November 2016 to Feb 2016, when the show finally aired.
So the show aired and when I reviewed it, I was amazed on what I think we could call a “lack of truth” in much of the story. The producer made sure to use interview clips and twist the story to be more of a witch hunt, discounting the psychic story. In doing so, they hurt a family in search of answers about their daughter. Now, hurting this family by trying to discount me is disgusting and I am sure the producer of the show doesn’t understand this, which is fine as I pray someday he will realize that his work and tactics can hurt many.
As I viewed the interview, they made it very clear that they were not happy that I would not reveal my sources by stating that they “could not validate” any of my cases. They also mentioned that I charge a high fee to work on missing person cases, which has some truth to it, but it’s not the entire truth which I guess is why I am writing this blog. You see, I am fine if someone, a reporter, a television show, etc., wants to discount my work, I have a thick skin and understand the skepticism. Why this interview got to me is the hurt it may have caused and that the full, actual truth was talked about in the original interview footage.
As far as the show making it clear that they could not validate any of my case work, the proper word should have been, “would.” Troy would not share or validate his contacts as he works under confidentiality agreements, working behind the scenes. It was expressed that there are very, very few agencies that state they work with a psychic and if this went public without their consent, that is the end of my career and future work.
The second part of the interview comes back to what I charge to help. This news show stated that I charge $250.00 per hour to work on a cold case. What they did not share, which was in the same sentence in my original interview is that I work on my cases pro-bono (free) for families, and only charge a fee if I am hired by an agency or private investigator. So with the lack of the entire truth coming out, I receive hate mail, even being called a scamming money grubber praying on victims that are in a time of need, etc. Ok, that’s fine, but maybe next time before you write your comments, maybe you should take time to look at my website or do a little more research and you will read or see that I do not charge families for the work I do, if I accept the case. I make my living off private readings in which people come to me. I do not go after grieving victims. Not my style.
For me, I will not accept a case unless I feel that I can make a difference. I never bring in false hope and inform all my clients that I am not 100% accurate, I am a human being. This is how I work.
So for today, tomorrow and as long as God will allow me to use my gifts to assist others, I will pull up my boot straps, brush off miseducated comments and move forward helping those in need, being able to lay my head down and sleep knowing that I am giving back, a form of tithing to those I can help move forward and/or with closure.
God Bless All.