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Friday, June 10, 2016

June 2016 Monthly Tarotscopes (Horoscopes)

Monthly tarotscope astrology predictions based on your horoscope sun sign.
Tarotscopes courtesy of Guarikaa Kalisharann
Guarikaa is available for phone and chat psychic readings at Psychic Consultants Online.

Hey Aries!  As much as I hate to say this, June will not be a happy month for many of you.  Overall, those born under the sign of Aries will find the month financially limiting, like you will have to trim down your budget over your dream home, or settle for a smaller car instead of the bigger one you’ve been eyeing….basically it’s those kind of things.  Not that good things won’t happen –the Tarot isn’t really indicating that…but compromises are needed, and it won’t help if you get emotional about things.  This is the time when you need to make some temporary sacrifices, think logically about how to make do and how to get by and be content with what you have, rather than regret and rue about what you cannot have at the moment. That said, it’ll actually help to keep your Kleenex nearby!  Some of youwill break down in disappointment over this or that!  I’m telling you again….June is not your sunshine month! Check your car/home and get those minor repairs done.   In fact, think deep, acknowledge all problem areas of your life and fix whatever you can fix – that’ll be a good way to get through June.  In relationships, you could be bidding a sad farewell to a hard-working & ambitious young friend or relative that’s going to a faraway land for further studies or a new job.
Special message:   Be conservative and rational, stay grounded.  This too shall pass.
Wow….am I jealous?  The Tarot shows a blessed month for the Taureans.  June will be all about sweet moments spent with your loved ones – both at home and via trips and travels.  Taurean kids will make their parents proud with how they finish a project on hand.  There is a strong likelihood for a planned or unplanned trip to the riverside or hill station which is probably quite popular for cultural studies of some kind.  The place is at quite a distance, not close to your home/hometown.  Your recent ‘chronic’ problems are seen fading away, leaving you relieved and stress free.  There will be an abundance of divine grace in June.  Keep your ears open for fantastic tips or advice from a professional mentor or life coach –funnily, you might find this person in your own close circle of family & friends….so don’t go looking – just keep your ears open for such a possibility.  Everyone knows how practical the Taureans are…but June will see you wanting to be even more grounded…and humbler too.  Some of you will consider taking up new studies and new lines of work….and thus, you’ll be open to newer paths and possibilities.  You’ll simply want to trust more in the Universe, and you’ll earn the go-ahead via a small financial abundance as a sign from the Ever Loving Universe.
Special message:  Be calm, soft, & strong.  Softness is not a weakness; softness is strength.
Oops!  So your recent scattered and unplanned manner of living & spending finally caught up?  Financially, the time around now will be unstable for a lot of Geminis, and June could burn a hole in your pocket, mainly due to uncontrolled online shopping.  It’s like you have to rob Peter to pay Paul and somehow make ends meet.  Some of you will choose to do additional work to make some extra money or have your business or life partner pitch in with extra cash to help tide through the financial messes.  When money is scarce, health can’t be good either… and June indicates problems with the knees and lower legs.  So keep your eyes on the ground when walking….because you could slip due to a wet floor and sprain an ankle or something.  This might be a sign from the Universe that you must slow down!  There is not much real or genuine help available to you right now, Gemini.  All you can do is learn your lessons and think before you buy something.  Whatever you want to acquire, for the next few weeks, ask yourself if you want it or you need it right now.  Financial crises are never easy on the mind – so maintain your optimism and sense of humor and keep your wits about you when shopping – be it online or at a mall.  Also get a reality check – your overspending could indicate inner emptiness, you can’t keep running away for too long from your core issues!
Special message:  Money is active energy – respect it and it will respect you back.
The dreamy and emotional Cancerians will find yet another reason to feel bad and sad about.  This time it will be something about a child or a younger person.  With respect to your close relationships, the early part of June will see a loss of some kind, and the latter part of June will see you making plans to go far out and meet someone you love….like your extended family or old friends that live at a distance.  If any of you is keen on a new car, expect the car to come into your life soon (and maybe you’ll invite me for a drive?). Health wise, avoid smoke and other kinds of air pollutants because June can get you down with chest & lung issues. Some of you will want to change your residence because of some unhappy incidents in and around the current home, and if you’re determined to move, you will find a new place for yourself almost within the same neighborhood.  Due to your emotional lows, you’ll be prone to short temper…and you will actually be tested…can’t really blame you….so just bear in mind, that no matter what, it’s nice to be nice, okay?
Special message:  Affirm that you’re in control – it’s your life and YOU are in the driver’s seat!
June will start on a shaky note and feelings of loneliness, but then it will end on a really good note….making you feel loved, safe, and protected.  Your Tarot reading for June indicates that there are quite a few things around your home needing repairs or there are unused things that must be discarded.  Remember, such clutter creates blockages in your career and relationships.  So clear away the blocks that clutter & disorder can create. Some of you will be faced with a career dilemma – like whether to continue where you are or to move on.  Actually whatever you decide, the future will be happier.  Things at your work front WILL improve….and pretty soon.  The recognition that you crave for (You’re Leo after all, and you thrive on recognition!) is underway and your efforts are not going unnoticed.  When it comes to romance, Leo singles can expect to find a great connection with someone in the workplace.  So that’s another motivation to be interested in your work! J One simple tip to follow this month is – change a little something every day for 27 days (like maybe throw away an old pen and get yourself a new pen…or change your coffee mug, etc.) – as you do this, the bigger changes that you desire will happen by themselves.
Special message:  Worry doesn’t help – and change begins with you!
This is going to be a landmark month for all the Virgos.  Meticulous planners that they are, nearly all their plans will be executed to perfection leading to some fabulous well-deserved material and emotional results in the coming future.  There will surely be news of a new beginning around the Virgos – it could be birth of a child, pet, or maybe some of them will start a new business soon.  Your reading for June shows brilliant new beginnings.  Your mantra is to be dynamic, confident, and hopeful.  The fun thing here is, I see the Virgos dressing up fashionably and in rich fabrics and paying greater attention to their appearance and well being.  They’ll just feel more interested in life!!!  Some of you will put on extra weight around the middle, but you’ll be too happy to care about it all.  A lot of you will make artistic and colorful changes to your homes and up the comfort quotient around you.  Some of you could also move to bigger and better homes. It’s all about abundance now!  All in all, this will be an unforgettable month for some time to come….and you all have the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth right now.
Special message:  Seek your mother’s support, and blessings…and listen to her advice.  If you can’t do this, meditate on the divine feminine.
As a first thing, the Tarot indicates that you must change your ways about something….this may concern your world view itself.  June will bring karmic consequences of some kind and one way this is going to present itself is via pain or hurt of some kind to your lower limbs.  You may need a treatment, even maybe an invasive approach, and the kindness of your physicians and healers, and the people around you, will teach you a thing or two about being kinder to the people around you.  One of the lessons you will learn now is the lesson of gratitude.  A pattern or habit that you have been holding on to will need to be relinquished.  The process can be a bit painful, though.  As the month comes to an end, you will be more generous and charitable to the less fortunate.  The Tarot shows that something can happen that can mar your appearance some.  You will have a realization that you were biased against someone that loved and helped you genuinely and you mistakenly favored people that just use you. There are people around you who don’t ask you for anything back for the help they render…and there are people that use you – just know that crucial difference.  June will bring you the realization that union with God does not come from being mean to your fellow human beings.
Special message:  Meditate and seek the truth, look beyond the fa├žade.
The magnetic Scorpios will attract some fabulous changes into their lives this June.  As a first thing, they will begin to see more success and it goes without saying, more money.  Married Scorpios will spend happy times with their partners and enjoy a lovely little impromptu vacation too!  Any disappointments and disillusionments will vanish into thin air, leaving life all bright and happy once again for them.  Any remnant emotional pain that’s been going on for a while will heal now!  Your confidence will soar high and you will be full of beans again.  The love you give out will come back manifold to you.  The Universe is pleased and is all ready to shower its choicest blessings over Scorpios. A change of place is indicated for some of you – and it will be a very successful move if at all you make the change.  For extra luck, try changing the position of your work table or your computer.  A slight delay or an unscheduled halt can happen on one of your car trips, due to some incident or activity on the road, but don’t let it spoil the fun itself.  Single Scorpios will go on a fun date with someone new.  June favors one-on-one interactions more rather than meetings in group settings.
Special message:  Let your infectious optimism brighten up the world.
Clearly and surely, there will be 2 new beginnings for Sagittarians – and one of them will pertain to their work.  There will be a successful travel concerning work, and this will be a road trip most likely.  You will enjoy both financial and emotional backing if you need any…in fact even if you don’t need any, people around you will want to be helpful and supportive.  A lot of you will find another source of income or just find a new way to increase your cash inflow. This month will see you being very motivated, quiet, determined, and hard working.  It’s almost like you will achieve whatever you set your heart and mind to.  Outwardly life will seem steady and stable, but inwardly you will experience many happy breakthroughs in the way you perceive life.  The source of your confidence and happiness will come from within you….not from your outward success. For mind-body rejuvenation, on one of your travels maybe, you will try aroma therapy or abhyanga (ayurvedic oil massage) for the first time, and trust me, you’ll get hooked!
Special message:  You’re being an underdog now, but you’re heading in the right direction.  So stay relaxed and keep going!
Be careful that you do not spill your beans at a gathering or a party.  Just keep reminding yourself that walls have ears. Someone that acts friendly will steal info from you and spread it around like wildfire.  This person is probably a pro at using the latest technology and is adept at spreading gossip. So it will do you good to watch your back. Now if you’re wondering why someone would do this to you, it’s because he/she envies your success.  While, such an incident can put you off a bit, the good thing about June is you could meet an interesting person and feel really connected.  So just tell them how you feel, because hesitating won’t help.  You feel a great connection?  A great friendship might be born out of that connection if you speak your mind out.  Professionally, despite a few minor irritants, you will enjoy the limelight & success you deserve.  In fact, this is when the law of attraction will work rather very well for you. Hence, instead of second-guessing yourself and letting someone’s pettiness irk you, go all out there and hog the limelight.
Special message:  Succeed and enjoy your success, that’s the best way to hurt your enemies.
Awww Aquarians, you will really be disappointed with your partner or a close friend.  There is going to be quite a misunderstanding and angry words being hurled back and forth…it’s really going to be rough weather in an important relationship, including some kind of a break in relationship.  This will last for a bit, maybe about a week or less, and eventually the doubts will be dispelled, the clouds will disperse, and all will be back on track again.  Think before you react….get your facts right before you make any insinuations against people you love.  Maybe what you imagine about them is untrue!  Some of you will be faced with a health challenge in June but it will hardly be anything worrisome.  A move or change of place can initially be a bit upsetting and stressful but you will settle into the change by around the end of June. Yes, there will be a lot of clarity by the end of June.  What will help you is to go away to some place calm for a mini vacation.  I think you just need the healing energy of bright sunshine to get your groove back!
Special message:  Breathe deeply, slow down, and think before you speak. Allow Nature to soothe your soul.
Wow, June will bring some magical breakthroughs for Pisceans – especially Piscean women.  No matter what profession you are currently in, you feel displeasure despite the money being good.  You’ll feel as though you can do more and wonder what that ‘more’ is.  A sudden new idea will set you off in a new direction.  You will find a mentor, or an idea can come your way from someone who’s like a life coach.  You will get interested in past life regression and theories and therapies related to PLR.  While holding on to your current work, you will branch out into a brand new territory and feel great peace despite more work on your hands. You will learn new meditation techniques, even if you’re one of those who regularly meditates.  Water will prove therapeutic for you and this June you will enjoy water therapy of some kind.  At the very least, you will spend a lot of time learning to swim or actually going swimming or scuba diving.  June is all about going deep – and being honest to yourself.  June will also be about true value of things – so you will retain what is valuable and easily let go of whatever or whoever no longer fits into your life’s purpose.
Special message:  Question less, trust and surrender more!